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High Quality Antifreeze Buoy Is Applied To The Oil Pipeline Floater Or Dredge Pipe Floating Body

High Quality Antifreeze Buoy Is Applied To The Oil Pipeline Floater Or Dredge Pipe Floating Body

The antifreeze buoy shell is made of high compression strength, high toughness and high density polyethylene. It is provided with anti-freezing, anti-corrosion, anti-aging and anti-ultraviolet materials. So the high quality pipeline buoy is rich enough to be tough, hard to withstand changes in natural environment and low temperature, not to pollute water quality, and can recycle and reuse.Ensure quality within five years.The company's products sell well all over the world, hope new and old customers come to negotiate.

Product Details

The high quality antifreeze buoy is applied to the oil pipeline floater or dredge pipe floating body 

1. Product Introduction of The Antifreeze Buoy

The antifreeze buoy once formed, seamless connection;The structure is reasonable and the performance is excellent, as the floating material of the water discharge pipe is the substitute product of the traditional steel buoy.The high quality antifreeze Oil pipeline floater by the level of UL 746 c - 746 - hb flame test showed that antifreeze float has good resistance to weathering and devastating impact resistant, anti-freezing float can withstand shock wave, frozen, ship collision, such as damage, from the erosion of oil, chemicals, etc;The high quality pipeline buoy surface adopts the mesh design, anti-skid, safe and stable, the four sides moulding density high support force, can load 350kg per square meter.Under the temperature of -60c to less than 80C, the antifreeze oil pipeline floater to install, flexible and fast. It does not use manpower, shorten construction time, and save costs, and can be configured with all kinds of needs.


2.Product Parameter(Specification) of The High Quality Antifreeze Oil Pipeline Floater

Aging Resistance70℃*72h

The parameters follow HG-T2185-91

criterion.The strength layer is 200D/3 cord fabric and the pulling force is

 380N for each single root.

Change Rate of Strength(%)+25%to-25%
Adhesion Strength Between Each Layer(KN/m)≥1.0
Strength Layer4 layers of cord fabric

3. Product Feature And Application of The High Quality Dredge Pipe Floating Body

The high quality Dredge pipe floating body of dredging tube:

1) Anti-aging float resistance against wind and waves, the structure is compact and reasonable, the installation is simple,   the performance is excellent, as the floating material of the water discharge line is the first choice of the current transport and sediment customers.

2) Good aging resistance and good anti-environmental stress cracking, suitable for the construction of sea and lake. 

3) High bearing capacity of anti-oxidation buoy, light weight, strong wear resistance, easy to install and carry, low transportation cost, stable and durable cylinder body.

4) Resistant to aging and floating, strong weather-resistance and long life, three times the life of steel buoy.Anti-corrosion, anti-freeze, anti-oxidative, anti-uv and anti-ultraviolet materials, free from seawater, chemicals, potions, oil stains and aquatic life.

5) Anti-oxidation buoy assembly is simple, fast, flexible and diverse.

6) The price of the anti-oxidation buoy is lower than the steel buoy.

The high quality pipeline buoy application:

1.For dredging pipe;

2.It can be used for dredging ships and dredging pipes for sea, lakes or rivers.

3.Specially used for laying pipes in mud water works.

4. Detailed Images of The Antifreeze Oil Pipeline Floater


5. Product Qualification of The High Quality Pipeline Buoy


Our company has many years of experience in the field of pipeline buoyancy, and has been providing high quality float products to customers all over the world since 1992.

In order to be evergreen, we work hard in everything we do is outstanding, including: use the best quality materials and adopts the most advanced manufacturing technology, strict quality control, and recruit the best people to complete all the process.We have obtained international quality certification such as CE, ISO9001, etc. Our efforts and strength have been internationally recognized.There is no change in our pursuit of perfection.

6. Deliver,Shipping And Serving of The Antifreeze Dredge Pipe Floating Body

Package: Plastic film or as required.

Payment: T/T 100% in advance before shipment.

Shipment: Qingdao Port or specified by customers.

Service: five years product quality guarantee, omni-directional service, let you be carefree.

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7. FAQ

1) Professional :

We have rich experience in producing dredging rubber/PE/steel hoses and dredging floaters with various standards for many years, as well as Creditworthy manufacture in China. 

2) Best Price:

The cheap labor cost and convenient transportation enable us to offer most favorable price while providing the highest quality product to our customers.

3) Golden Service:

Engaged in exporting for many years, we have been providing the perfect solutions for any feedback from our customer.

4) Integrity

This is the foundation of our principle, you will definitely satisfied if you cooperate with us.

8. Latest News

As the global dredging industry and oil industry continue to develop, the demand for supporting floating bodies is rising, both in addition to the increase in quantity and quality.In terms of the demand for floating bodies, the global demand is about 1 billion yuan per year, and is fluctuating, with an average annual increase of about 5%.

At present, our factory has made great progress in the development and manufacturing of floating body products, and the production of products has entered semi-automatic level.Some buoyancy products of new research and development have met The special functional requirements of poor environment and high power dredging ships, such as The high quality antifreeze Oil pipeline floater.Therefore, our floating body products are increasing in the world export volume.

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Should you are looking for High Quality Antifreeze Buoy Is Applied To The Oil Pipeline Floater Or Dredge Pipe Floating Body, Yaxiang is here waiting for your contact. We are one of the excellent rubber & plastic products manufacturers and suppliers in China. You can rest assured to wholesale quality bulk products made in China from our factory.
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