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The Float Manufacturer Teaches You To Calculate The Quantity Of The Purchase

     The calculation of polyethylene floating body manufacturers the Yellow River hose for the required amount of brief introduction of polyethylene float: Polyethylene float the Yellow River hose production according to buoyancy and gravity than the 130% design, the floating steel pipe 6 meters and 2 meters hose flange, the conventional preparation, pipeline every 3-4 meters a best preparation. If you want to increase the buoyancy, it can also be designed separately, and the user is determined according to the concrete condition of the construction and the weight of the pipeline and the density of the sediment. The application scope of polyethylene floating body is as follows: offshore platform, yacht wharf, water floating bridge, aquatic leisure platform, speedboat terminal, floating pier, sightseeing platform, dredging pipeline, sand suction pipeline, ship pipeline, sediment pipeline, mud pipeline, cage culture and so on.

     Medium density polyethylene floating body is popular dredging, land reclamation project, pumping sand dredger pipeline floating material, the company after years of production made a number of floating bodies on the basis of the traditional improved screw hole to float the most vulnerable to bad increase of stainless steel pipe, reducing friction and plastic screw the floating body has been fundamentally improved, the positioning groove is added on the floating body surface, increase the ability of floating body resistance to wave, greatly increased the life of floating body. The floating body has the advantages of small volume, light weight, large buoyancy, wind wave resistance, aging resistance, long service life and so on.


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