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Steel Dredging Pipe To Unblock

Steel Dredging Pipe To unblock

The dredging steel pipe is widely used in beach, river channel, waterway, urban environment protection and engineering construction. Dredging is to dredge, widen or dig deep rivers and lakes, and use manpower or machinery to carry out the excavation work underwater. The generalized dredging includes the blasting of the reef, the beach, etc. What is the hydraulic or mechanical method of dredging engineering, the excavation of the underwater soil and the transfer of the project is called dredging engineering. Dredging engineering has been a long time since the ancient dredging project was carried out by using simple manual tools, and then replaced by machinery. Nowadays, the mechanical methods usually use dredger. Dredging soil treatment is an inevitable extension of the excavation of dredging soil, which constitutes the whole of dredging engineering.

Dredging works are widely used in: opening new channels, ports and canals; Dredging, widening and cleaning of existing channels and ports; To dredge the channel and channel, the reservoir dredging; The excavation of water works such as wharf, shipyard and ship lock; Combining dredging and dredging to fill the land and fill the sea, etc.; Remove underwater obstacles.

Manual excavation is only applicable to small rivers that can be broken down. All kinds of dredging vessels are used in mechanical construction, and sometimes land construction machinery such as shovels is used. Mechanical dredging began in 1600 and was the prototype of a bucket dredger in the construction of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. China began construction of dredgers in the huangpu river in 1889. Dredging engineering is very important to human social progress, environmental improvement and economic development. To improve navigation or discharge capacity by dredging the deep river or the shallow section of the bay. The main method of making land in the nearby low-lying land is to be carried out by dredging soil of the excavation channel or harbor basin.

How to efficient and economic excavation dredging soil, how efficient and economic processing is the core of the research and implementation of the dredging project to consider, there is an integral inner link between both dredging engineering is the main purpose of the dredging projects: excavated harbor basin and approach channel, land reclamation epeirogenic to the construction of wharf, port and lingang industrial zone, coastal city land use and land for recreation, development maintenance dredging, water conservancy, flood control and reservoir, rivers and lakes and other water environment improvement and ecological restoration and construction of all kinds of underwater pipeline ditch and landfill, etc., has always been the main dredging soil is abandoned or dumped in engineering waters near ways for processing. Dredging steel pipe may be limited by a variety of external forces, including the weight, the fluid in the pipe end, snow load, the soil pressure of thrust, the thermal stress caused by thermal expansion and contraction, vibration load and earthquake disasters. In order to ensure the strength and rigidity of the pipe, various support (hanging) brackets, such as movable stents, fixed supports, guide bracket and spring support, must be set. Support for pipe diameter, material, pipe wall thickness and load conditions. The fixed support is used for the thermal elongation section control tube expansion section to unify the work; Only the axial dredging tube is used to guide the tube.

Dredge pipe installation is special steel pipe, connecting parts by dredging and join into such as gate valves are mainly used to transport gas substance, liquid or solid particles flow device. Normally, the fluid flows through the pressure of the fan, compressor, pump, boiler, from high to low pressure, or through the pressure of the fluid itself or by gravity.

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