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Steel Dredging Pipe Thermodynamics Is Unstable

Steel Dredging Pipe Thermodynamics is unstable

The significance of anti - corrosion of steel dredging

Steel dredging pipe corrosion problems prevalent in the national economy and national defense construction of the various departments, both to the national economy has brought huge losses. But also to the production and life caused great difficulties. Steel dredging pipes are corroded at all times under natural conditions (atmospheric, natural water, soil) or artificial conditions (acids, alkalis, salts and other media). A spontaneous consumption of spontaneous. The fundamental reason for the steel pipeline is because of the thermodynamic instability in the above conditions, they will restore the original relatively stable state. The formation of iron oxide carbonate and so on. Or into a soluble ion. This process is the metal corrosion process. According to statistics, China's annual output of 160 million tons of steel. Each year due to corrosion and loss of more than 60 million tons. Almost equal to the annual output of Shanghai Baosteel Iron and Steel Plant. Corrosion is not only a waste of iron and steel resources, but also because of corrosion to make the pipeline, equipment, shorten the life of the replacement of new pipeline equipment cost far more than the price of metal materials itself, the cost of production increased, reducing the economic benefits caused by corrosion directly And indirect economic losses are huge. Corrosion products to form a scale, the impact of heat transfer and medium flow rate of heat transfer efficiency is reduced, energy consumption is greatly increased, China's annual economic losses caused by corrosion up to 280 billion yuan, than the annual disaster, floods, earthquake fires and other natural disasters But also more.

Corruption causes all kinds of accidents and major disasters. As a result of steel pipes, equipment corrosion, causing the production enterprises to stop production down the quality of products. Affect the supply of life, gas, for heating steam or hot water, to the people's lives a lot of difficulties. Buried oil and gas, water and other pipelines, pipe network leakage, corporate oil refining, chemical, chemical fiber, fertilizer, pharmaceutical and other pipelines, equipment, run, take, drip. In addition to the loss of a large number of useful substances and cause serious environmental pollution, and even cause fire, explosion, collapse and other catastrophic accidents. In view of the prevalence of metal corrosion. In order to prevent or slow the occurrence of metal corrosion. All kinds of metal anti-corrosion technology and technology came into being. Metal corrosion of new technology, new materials, new equipment to promote the use of. Extend the service life of pipeline equipment, save money and ensure safe production. China's petrochemical industry, public utilities and other industries. Pipeline due to corrosion perforation of 20,000 times / year. Which mainly occurs in the interface of the steel pipe and the bumps of the pipeline itself. The factors affecting the performance of the steel pipe are different. Installation of temperature, cooling, transmission accuracy, material properties and testing, poor control will lead to coating adhesion is small, too thin, crack or bubble and other defects, strict implementation of standardized and scientific methods of operation to control defects, The yield of the anti-corrosion tube is critical.

We look at our country on the quality of steel dredging pipe on the quality of the relevant methods, which announced a domestic steel dredging pipe external cooling device cooling effect has improved, but still can not fundamentally overcome the external cooling method caused by quality defects and Thickness of bead coating is thinned. It is pointed out that the ideal way to reduce the thickness of the coating is to cool from the inside of the steel dredging pipe.

This article, the company's steel dredging pipe anti-corrosion steel dredging pipe manufacturers with their own years of production experience and access to a large number of information published on their own on the improvement of steel dredging pipe anti-corrosion quality of the relevant methods Introduction to different topics.

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