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Select The Reason For Using PE Pipes And Fittings

First, PE pipes and fittings, use energy-saving, in the complex process of using heat expansion, sprayed composite technology of steel-plastic composite pipe energy than metal tubes, thick-walled tube of thin-walled tube energy, electric welding, gas welding, hot melting energy than brush cutter teeth.

Then, quality of PE pipe and fittings materials should conform to the State standards, test in the relevant sector, qualified to put into the market.

Once again, safety and reliability are the most important principles in building water supply, since it is pressure building water supply pipes, once water leaks burst is caused to buildings and property losses.

Therefore, PE pipes and fittings, but also able to withstand vibration, shock, water hammer and thermal expansion and contraction, and stand the test of time, no leaks, not burst.

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