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PE Pipe Good Flexibility

PE Pipe Good flexibility

PE pipe and steel pipe are applied to horizontal directional drilling through comparison

Abstract: this paper compares the application of steel pipe and PE tube to horizontal directional drilling through pipe performance, crossing curve and pipe stress. In the city through small engineering can be reduced through with polyethylene pipe length, lower the project cost, shorten the construction period, but in the distance is longer or through the depth is deep, in order to guarantee the stability of the crossing pipeline should be careful to use the polyethylene pipe.

Keywords: steel pipe; PE pipe; Horizontal directional drilling through

Early directional drilling crossing pipeline is used, in recent years, with the continuous development of polyethylene materials technology and the popularization of high density polyethylene PE pipes applications, in the medium pressure gas pipeline directional drilling crossing project selection of PE pipe in increase year by year the proportion of the [1-2]. This paper compares the pipe performance, the crossing curve and the force of the pipe to the application of the pipe and PE tube to the project.

1 pipe properties

The current urban medium pressure gas pipeline crossing project selection of steel pipe seamless steel pipe and welded steel pipe two categories: seamless steel tube general selection of GB/T 8163-2008 the transmission fluid with seamless steel tubes, material for 20 steel; Welding steel tubes are generally chosen as GB/T 3091-2008, and the material is Q2358. The PE tube is usually selected GB l5558. 1-2003 "gas used buried polyethylene (PE) pipe system part 1: pipe material, the material is PEl00 and PE80 respectively, the standard size ratio is SDRll.

The performance indexes of the steel tube are kept unchanged during the term of use, and the performance of tube pipes is shown in table 1.

Polyethylene is a non-polar saturated fat long chain polymer, so the PE tube is completely different from the performance index of tube. Because of the creep and stress relaxation characteristics of polyethylene materials, the strength of polyethylene is a function of time, and the mechanical performance data of pure materials has no guiding significance for actual engineering. Long-term hydrostatic strength, rapid crack growth and slow crack growth are the three most important mechanical properties of polyethylene materials. The performance of PE tube is shown in table 2.

From the performance analysis of pipe, the tensile strength and yield limit of steel tube are high, so the pipeline has strong resistance to external forces and anti-distortion. PE PE pipe has low strength, but long service life, and excellent fast and slow crack propagation guarantee the safety of gas pipeline in the city. Polyethylene pipe fracture extension rate is very high at the same time, make the pipe has very excellent flexibility, good flexibility, also make the polyethylene pipe has the excellent scratch resistance, resistance to uneven settlement and shock resistance. The properties of polyethylene also determine its excellent corrosion resistance.

2 crossing curve

2. 1 influencing factors

Factors affecting pipeline crossing curves can be divided into objective conditions and design parameters. Objective conditions are the actual conditions of crossing the target, including the width and depth of roads and rivers, the conditions of underground obstacles, geological conditions and surrounding terrain conditions. The parameters of the design are variable parameters such as the location and Angle of the soil, the location and Angle of the excavation points, the selection of pipe materials and the curvature radius of the pipe section.

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