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High Density Polyethylene Floating Body Is Introduced By The Manufacturer Of Floating Body

    Floating body manufacturers to introduce you float high density polyethylene plant production: Polyethylene floating body is in linear polyethylene resin as raw material by molding rotational molding, and the processing production of polyurethane foam products. Features: A, light weight, large buoyancy B, impact resistance, acid and alkali corrosion, C absorption rate is low, D uses simple construction, low maintenance cost polyethylene floating body: mainly used in oceans, lakes and other dredging vessels, blowing sand, dredging pipeline laying on the water. Function: A, ensure the pipeline floating on the water B, orange color can be used as a warning sign, prevent pipeline C, convenient pipeline inspection and maintenance of D, shorten the construction period, reduce cost, reduce maintenance costs, sand pumping pipeline, desilting pipeline, river dredging, lake dredging pipeline pipeline engineering with the use of high molecular weight polyethylene floating body high density synthetic material, the resin is added in the anti ultraviolet material, rich enough toughness, hardness, can withstand the change of natural environment and cold invasion, no pollution, and Recyclable reuse, forming a seamless whole buoy. It is a special product for sand drainage pipeline, sand drainage pipeline, river dredging pipeline, lake and sea dredging pipeline project.


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