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Dredging Engineering Floating Body With Strong Support

      Dredging floating support floating body manufacturer the Yellow River rubber hose factory design and production of high level by 746C UL-94HB flame test showed that the floating body has good weather resistance to dredging and impact damage, the plastic buoys can cause under wave impact, the impact of freezing, ship breaking, not oil, chemical erosion agent; plastic pipe is used in floating body surface reticulate design, anti-skid, safety and stability, four other density high supporting capacity, every square metre can load 350kg. In the -60C to less than 80C under normal temperature, simple installation, flexible, fast, no consumption of manpower, shorten construction time and cost savings at the same time, can be configured to the needs of a variety of other. Dredging floating body adopts high molecular weight high density synthetic material HDPE (polyethylene) production of new environmentally friendly materials, which also added anti ultraviolet material, rich enough toughness, hardness, can withstand the change of natural environment and cold invasion, light weight, large buoyancy, acid and alkali resistance, zero maintenance, long service life, flexible transformation and combination colorful appearance, corrosion resistance, antifreeze, anti UV aging and erosion of sea water, chemicals, chemicals, oil and water creatures, no pollution, no damage to the environment, forming a whole plastic engineering of floating bodies without seam, no leakage, no water in the pipeline, the floating body is Recyclable recycling and the products have been widely used in domestic and abroad.


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