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Dredged Rubber Tube Wear Resistance Properties

Dredged rubber tube Wear resistance properties

Dredging tube is often used for dredging, drainage, sand discharging, etc. It is well known. Do you know why the dredging tube is used? This is because dredging pipe has absolute advantage in dredging engineering.

1. The extremely high abrasion resistance of dredging tube, with a molecular weight of more than 2.5 million, is 4-6 times that of normal rubber tube

2. High impact resistance of dredging tube, the impact experiment of cantilever beam is achieved according to GB1843 standard.

3. Dredging pipe is not easy to scale, and has a good surface non-adhesion.

4. The long life of dredging tube is more than 500,000 times and more than twice that of normal rubber.

5. The installation of dredging tube is simple, the flange connection is quick and easy, and the installation and construction cost of the pipe is greatly reduced.

6. Dredging tube is a saturated molecular structure that can resist the corrosion of strong chemicals.

7. The dredging tube is self-lubricating, with waxy substance in the tube, and the friction coefficient is only 0.219mn/m.

8. Dredging tube unique low temperature resistance, the temperature is - between 269 ℃ -- 80 ℃ impact resistance, abrasion resistance performance remains the same.

Dredge hose is a special adhesive for dredging engineering. Today we are going to learn about the development history and future prospect of dredged rubber pipe.

Dredging is a supporting product of dredging construction and dredging, mainly used for dredging, dredging, dredging, port construction and reclamation, seabed mining, etc. The offshore oil pipeline is used to transport oil and oil materials between tankers, tankers and RIGS, oil tankers and terminals. Although they are different in nature, the operating environment is similar, with similar structure and production process. Some manufacturers also produce both products.

Internationally renowned dredging rubber tube manufacturers include Japan bridgestone corporation, Japan yokohama rubber co., LTD., British Dunlop company, Germany E+ S, etc. Although China had the legend of dayu to control the water thousands of years ago, there was a dredging ship in 1895, but it was only a few decades old. In 1973, premier zhou enlai proposed "three years to change the face of the port". Since then, China has imported nine dredging ships from the Netherlands and 46 dredging ships and supporting ships in Japan. Since then, China has gradually started to dredge through pipelines. But at first the dredge was all imported. China began to make dredge hose from the 1980s. The first manufacturer of dredging rubber tube in China is jihua company liaoyuan rubber factory. Since then, in the late 1980s, danyang ship rubber factory produced dredged rubber tubes; In the 90 s, there have been some small domestic dredging hose manufacturers, domestic dredging hose output of about 20 million yuan, after 1998, the Yangtze river floods, river state determined to governance, greatly promoted the development of the dredging hose, after entering the 21st century, domestic dredging hose into the international market, has brought the international dredge hose market shock. By 2010, the sales of China's dredged rubber tubes were around 700 million yuan, and the dredging of the hose moved to "made in China". The future is also very broad.

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