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Dredge Pipeline Technology

The "Eleven-Five" period, China's large modern dredgers and transform the ship mainly imports from the past, a comprehensive new stage built into independent research.

The Group invested 20 billion yuan in new large dredgers. Shang airlines Council through in 2005 independent design built class capacity 4 200 M3 small modern rake sucking ship "Airlines June 4011" round made experience Hou, 2006, independent made class capacity 13 500 m3 large modern rake sucking dredger "new sea Tiger",, marks China has has large modern dredger of independent design, and built capacity, became world Shang minority several master this items mainstream technology of national.

In 2010, China independently designed and built by digging deep 85 m super large trailing suction hopper dredger "dolton" was put into operation, China possessed of super modern dredgers self design, capacity for independent construction and dredging pipeline equipment technology to realize leap-forward development in China.

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