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Dredge Pipeline Application In Industry

First, the coal industry: abrasion resistant tube is widely used in mines, coal preparation plant for use in transporting heavy media and coal-water slurry pipe, pipe, elbow; mine transport mechanical winch plate, winch bearings, filter press plates, etc.

Second, thermal power plants: used for conveying dry fly ash mortar and water pipes.

Third, the shipping industry: used to clean up waterways transport sediment.

Four, the chemical industry: the fluid used to transport all kinds of corrosion. Such as acid, alkali, salt, etc.

Five, construction: dredging pipes used for water supply pipes, water pipe, drainage pipe, sewer pipe, mixing pump for slurry transportation.

Six, the metallurgical industry: used for transporting slurry, metallurgical waste, lead shot, of non-ferrous metals such as aluminum pipes.

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