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Dredger Floater

Product Description

*Floater characteristics: 
1. For sand and mud dredging
2. Good floating
3. Extremely flexible and compressible
4. Light weight, long service life, easy installation
5. We can supply dredger pump, engine, discharge pipe, spud, pipeline 
Floater, cutter head, barge and other spare part to you. 
6. Our shipyard can manufacture all kind of dredger, for example: Cutter suction 
Dredger, jet suction dredger, chain bucket sand dredger, chain bucket iron power dredger, iron sand seperation dredger, gold panning dredger, barge, sand sieveing machinery, weeding cutting suction dredger and ect. 
7. Designed as standard to qualify for costal water certificate

2 pieces of floaters form 1 set, 2 sets of floaters form 1 pair. 1 pair of floaters could float 6 meter long steel dredging pipe and 1.5m long rubber hose.

Ship  TypeSteel  Dredging  Pipe  I. DFloater  ODFloater  I. DFloater  Length
Self-priming  VesselΦ 355Φ 1100Φ 355Φ 1100
Self-priming  VesselΦ 400Φ 1100Φ 400Φ 1200
200  m3/HΦ 400-420Φ 1310Φ 430Φ 1335
350  m3/HΦ 550-560Φ 1300Φ 576Φ 1400
Beaver  1600Φ 500Φ 1370Φ 522Φ 1400
Beaver  3800Φ 650Φ 1500Φ 680Φ 1800
8000  wringΦ 800Φ 1780Φ 840Φ 2000
8000  wringΦ 850Φ 2200Φ 910Φ 2500

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