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HDPE Dredging Pipe/Dredging Pipe/Dredging Slurry Pipe

Product Description

UHMWPE(PE1000) dredging pipe 
Futures and Advantages :

  • Wear Resistance: the abrasion value of UHMWPE pipe is 1/7 of steel pipe, 1/3 of HDPE pipe under same working conditions.

  • Water hammer resistance: UHMWPE pipes have strong enduring capability to the impacts from various sands, mud and slurries.

  • Corrosive resistance: Higher structure stability, corrosion resistant to various chemical mediators. No electrochemical corrosion, no need anti-corrosive coating.

  • Self-lubrication: The roughness of UHMWPE is 0.00022mm. The pressure loss of UHMWPE pipe is 1/10 of steel pipes, 1/7 of nylon pipes. Over 20% of transfer efficiency will be increased.

  • Non-scaling: the internal wall is very smooth, preventing the fouling on the wall and no influence to the production efficiency.

  • Light weight: the density of UHMWPE pipe is only 1/8 of steel pipe. It is easy to move and install, especially suitable for the working sites at where the lifting machines could not work.

  • Easy connection: flanges are available to connect the pipes, no need washers. The installation will be very easy and fast. There are no dangers and concerns of water leakage.

  • Anti-aging: the UHMWPE pipes will not be aging in 50 years under hot sunlight, and it could work over 100 years if buried underground.

  • Environment friendly:  UHMWPE pipe is nontoxic, no bacteria, and no pollution to environment.

  • Low carbon: the discharge of carbon dioxide during UHMWPE pipe production is only 15% of steel pipe production, which is good for environment protection.

  • Temperature Resistance: UHMWPE pipes could be used under the temperature of -70ºC-80ºC, and there is no deformation. 

  • Long working life: the working life of UHMWPE pipe is 7 times longer than steel pipe and 3 times longer than HDPE pipe under same working condition


无标题.jpgBasic Info

  • Model NO.: UHMWPE pipe

  • Hardness: Hard Tube

  • Color: Color

  • Shape: Round

  • Size: Customer-Made

  • Trademark: DMC

  • Specification: ISO9001

  • Material: UHMWPE

  • Type: Thermosetting Plastic Pipe

  • Hollow: Hollow

  • Usage: Water Supply Pipe

  • Anti-Aging: 50 Years

  • Transport Package: Carton

  • Origin: Shanghai, China

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