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Big Diameter Dredge Hose For Dredging

Product Description

1.Description of products and work flow 
Dredging pipes/discharge hose/dredging hose/mud piping hose
Steel Flange Discharge Hose
Steel flange discharge hose is mainly used for dredger in waterway dredging pbroject which will transport the silt and gravels, and the pipe line is always estalished between two pieces of the hose. Generally the appropriate transporting medium is mud, clay, sliver sand, coarse sand and so on, the suitable temperature is from -20 to 50 ºC, and thickness of the pipe wall is from 15 to 100mm. The characteristic of the hose: convenient installation, flexible usage, security, abrasion resistance, bending resistance, excellent anti-aging performance.


Armored Hose
Armored hose is used in dredging project and assorting with the pipe line, it is applicable for transporting the object which has sharp interface, bigger volume, heavy specific gravity, such as coral reef, coarse sand and weathered rock. At present the transportation of coral reef of our armored hose which is used in dredging project overseas has already exceed 40,000,000 square, and till now the hose is still practicable in the project.

  1. Building with HB400 wear rings and high abrasion resistance,

  2. Inner liner of excellent abrasion-resistant performance,

  3. Favorable bending resistance.

Slope-adapted Hose
Slope-adapted hose, which full name is slope-adapted discharge rubber hose, can be used in dredging project and assort with the pipe line, it is mainly applicable for floating hose above water, sinking hose below water, and the connecting hose which connect the continental shelf, cofferdam and wave-resistant hose. The shape of the hose is corrugated.



  1. Inner rubber of high quality and excellent abrasion-resistance,

  2. Favorable bending resistance,

  3. The maximum working angle can reach 90 degree; keeping inner wall smooth all through,

  4. Working under the bending situation for a long time,

  5. Favorable stiffness, the function of automatic recovery to the angle of equilibrium,

  6. Outer protect rubber of excellent abrasion resistance which can adapt to harsh construction environment.

The sloped-adapted hose which is researched and produced by us together with CCCC Guangzhou Dredging Co.,Ltd, has been working for 14 months with excellent working stability, and now it is still working. By comparison of the using life for short hose which are connected together, the life of slope-adapted hose has increased three to four times, which save the valuable constructing time of the project extraordinarily.
Project Hose
Project hose is used in dredger and transporting oil ship, which needs high requirement in the project environment and application. It belongs to the high-end product and its major usage is transporting water. The characteristic: high factor of safety, favorable bending resistance, excellent working stability, long using life.
Specification: ID=Inner diameter L:length T:Tolerance

IDWorking pressure(Mpa)Burst pressure(Mpa)Length(m)Pipe wall Thickness(mm)


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