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Why can ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene tubing be unique?

why in a lot of water floating products,the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipe can be unique? That because of its excellent performance irreplaceable:

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High wear resistance: 4-7 times the steel pipe, ordinary PE pipe 3 times, nylon 4 times. Practice has proved that ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipe is a small particle slurry transport the best wear-resistant pipe.

High corrosion resistance: ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene with saturated molecular structure, chemical stability is extremely high, the ability of a variety of corrosive media and organic solvent erosion.

High flexibility: breaking elongation of up to 400% or more, the construction of a larger bend, the crustal sedimentation to its own three times still not broken.

High impact resistance: impact strength of the first in a variety of plastic, high-density polyethylene is 10 times, nylon 6 times. Whether it is strong external shock or internal pressure fluctuations, the impact is difficult to make it crack.

Low temperature resistance: excellent low temperature performance, minus 40 ° C, the impact strength to the highest value. In very low temperature can still maintain good performance, especially for cold areas of medium transmission pipe.

Easy to scale: the pipe inside and outside the wall smooth, with excellent non-sticking and self-lubricating, fouling material is difficult to deposition attached, greatly saving the pipeline cleaning costs.

Anti-aging: anti-aging performance is better than PE100, buried 50 years, its mechanical properties decreased by only 20%.

Energy-saving effect: the friction coefficient of 0.07-0.11, the roughness of the new steel pipe is only 1/6, the flow capacity of more than 50% of the pipe, the diameter of the steel pipe can be reduced by about 15%.

Safety and environmental protection: non-toxic and tasteless, in line with national drinking water pipeline standards.

Easy installation: ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipe weight is one-eighth of steel, greatly reducing the installation costs. Pipe connection using the body directly flanging, flange docking, no need to seal; it can also be used interlocking hot melt welding, interface, high strength, easy to operate.

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