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The secret of the polyethylene float

Binzhou City, the Yellow River hose factory is a professional engaged in polyethylene floating, dredging pipeline, rubber tube, such as the production, research and development and sales, products sold at home and abroad,our products has reliable quality, we are the trustworthy company. Here we will follow you with professional knowledge and technology to work together with you to understand the company's polyethylene float for you.


First of all together to understand the composition of polyethylene floats: polyethylene floating shell is excellent toughness of the linear medium density polyethylene resin as raw material, supplemented by anti-corrosion, anti-aging and other materials, after forming a molding, the filling high strength Polyurethane foam production of foam products, reasonable structure, excellent performance. As a floating material of water plumbing pipe as a substitute for traditional steel buoy, resin also added anti-ultraviolet material, rich enough toughness, hardness, that can withstand the natural environment changes and low temperature invasion, will not pollute the water quality, and recyclable .The entire floating body once forming seamless.

It is because of its composition so it determines its unique features with strong performance. Yellow River hose were made the following summary:

First, the Yellow River hose Polyethylene floating body characteristics:

1, the floating body against the impact of strong anti-sea water, compact and reasonable structure, simple installation, excellent performance, as the water sludge sediment transport pipeline floating material into the current transport of sediment users must choose products.

2, good toughness, anti-cracking strong, suitable for the construction of lakes and sea.

3, light weight, wear resistance, easy to install and transport, transport transfer costs low.

4, corrosion resistance, weather resistance, long life, is the steel buoy life of 3 times.

5, easy assembly, fast, flexible, diverse shapes.

6, the price is low, the price is significantly better than steel floats.

7, due to stable quality, modeling novel, reasonable prices, excellent service, by the user's welcome.

 Second, the Yellow River hose Polyethylene floating body performance:

A, light weight, buoyancy

B, impact resistance, acid and other corrosion

C, low absorption rate

D, construction is simple and clear, low maintenance costs

E, temperature range -60-80 ℃

That the Yellow River hose polyethylene float can provide us with what services, what kind of function? Yellow River hose in the following aspects of a detailed answer!

Yellow River Hose Polyethylene Float Function:

 1, to ensure that the transport pipeline floating on the water.

 2, orange-red appearance of the color can be used as a warning sign to prevent the impact of the pipeline.

3, to facilitate the transport pipeline inspection and maintenance.

 4, shorten the construction period, reduce costs, reduce maintenance costs.

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