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River dredging pipe, wear dredging pipe, which you all know?

Dredging hose is dredging dredger supporting equipment, but also one of the large diameter fluid hose products, the technical level with the dredger and dredging technology and the development of progress. River dredging pipepumping sand special wear-resistant pipe] by the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipe and carbon steel pipe by the scientific production process compound, the product adhering to the excellent characteristics of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipe on the basis of its own carbon steel pipe High pressure, self-lubricating, anti-adhesion and other characteristics, can be widely used in long-distance dredging pipe, filling, fly ash transport, mine tailings, high-pressure, Coal-water slurry transport and slag corrosive media and other transportation areas.


In the sedimentation works such as cleaning up the river, dredging works, filling works, pumping sand works, reclamation works, port expansion works, channel dredging works and so on, through the digging sand suction equipment and then through the pipeline to the designated Location, can not be separated from the pipeline. Through the pipeline to transport the sediment, according to the engineering requirements of the distance, as long as the export of sedimentation equipment connected to the pipeline, you can work continuously discharged from the sediment, the disadvantage is the choice of pipeline, because it determines the sustainability of work, especially harsh environment The pipeline is more stringent.


Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene engineering plastics (UHMW --- PE) pipeline technology in China increasingly mature, more and more projects using this pipe, a modest price of good performance of new thermoplastic engineering plastics, it is almost concentrated The advantages of various plastics, wear-resistant impact, self-lubricating, corrosion-resistant, low temperature, health non-toxic, non-stick, non-absorbent and other comprehensive performance, is a more ideal pipe can be used for a variety of high corrosive, High-wear liquid or solid-liquid mixture, such as various acid, lye, crude oil, tailings, mud, coal-water slurry and power plant ash discharge, slagging and so on. Compared with seamless steel pipe, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipe has significant advantages, improve service life, in strong corrosive and high wear conditions, the service life can be increased several times or even several times; due to the pipe wall Non-sticky (non-scaling) and small friction coefficient, can reduce the delivery pressure or reduce the transmission diameter, for long-distance transport is of great significance; because of this pipe thermal conductivity than steel ten thousand times, that can greatly reduce Conveying piping insulation costs, for crude oil in cold and winter

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