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Polyethylene buoys introduction

Polyethylene floating shell is a good resistance to linear medium density polyethylene resin as raw material, supplemented by anti-corrosion, anti-aging and other information, after forming a molding, filling high-strength polyurethane foam foam produced products, Reasonable structure, excellent performance.

As a substitute for the traditional steel buoy, the resin is also added with anti-ultraviolet material, rich enough resistance, hardness, that can withstand the natural environment changes and low temperature invasion, will not pollute the water quality, and can be recycled to use , The entire float once forming seamless.


Polyethylene floats by 746C UL-94HB flame test shows that with outstanding resistance and impact damage, it can withstand the impact of waves, freezing, ship impact caused by damage, from oil, chemicals and other erosion; plastic Pipeline floating surface selection is the textured design, non-slip, safe and secure, four-side modeling density and high support strength, per square meter can load 350kg. In the -60C to ≤ 80C temperature can be normal operation, installation is simple, sensitive, fast, not labor, shorten the construction time, while saving costs, can be configured to the needs of various shapes.


First, the ship buoy manufacturing process

Polyethylene floats production process, is a floating product on the water; plastic floating shell selection of high-density polyethylene material, the internal filler selected polystyrene foam; placed in the foam through the inlet and outlet steam heating to fill Material into the plastic shell, into the foam mold, installed into the exhaust pipe, steam heating molding, cooling stereotypes and other technology to obtain plastic Pipeline Float New Products. Plastic pipe floating inside the filling material selection of polystyrene foam, the product cost dropped significantly, the filling material of the water absorption was significantly reduced, the drift power was significantly improved.

Second, the characteristics of the ship pontoon

1, polyethylene floating high-molecular weight high-density synthetic materials HDPE (polymer polyethylene) production of new environmental information, which also added anti-ultraviolet material, rich enough patience, hardness, can withstand changes in natural environment and low temperature invasion, light Environmental protection, anti-corrosion, anti-ultraviolet anti-aging, from seawater, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, oil and water erosion, pollution-free, anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion, anti-aging , No damage to the environment, the entire plastic pipe floating a seamless shape, no water, no water problems, and can be recycled to use, the product has been widely used at home and abroad.

2, the department of the upper part of the ship buoy non-slip pattern design, safe and secure, all corners are arc obtuse angle modeling, to avoid the general cement, wood, iron facilities, common hazards, such as: slipping, Injury and so on. Floating data as a water sludge line is the preferred product for today's customers.

3, the ship pontoon impact resistance wind and waves, compact and reasonable structure, simple installation, excellent performance, the product has a high bearing capacity, cylinder smooth and durable, the product by 746C UL-94HB flame test shows that with outstanding resistance Sexual and impact damage, in -60C to ≤ 80C temperature can be normal operation. Cost is significantly better than steel buoy.

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