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Enterprise Marketing Strategy of Large Diameter Rubber Tube

With the continuous development of a variety of industries, for the large diameter rubber tube has also gradually entered the market, but as the initial use of consumers on the product performance and use of the effect and do not understand, for enterprises need to do the strategy, also need to be further improved. In the professional and technical personnel to explain, we can understand that at this stage large-scale hose business strategy can have two basic ideas:


First, at a lower price and with large-scale promotional activities to the market to launch new products in order to improve market share as soon as possible for the next stage of the arrival of the growth period to lay a good foundation;

Second, with high prices and enhance the means of advertising, so that the new large-diameter hose products in a market will soon be able to form a high-quality image, and quickly establish product reputation. For technology that is not complicated, easy to manufacture, and so in the short term there may be more competitors of new products, should be used to launch high-priced strategy in the short term to earn as much profit as possible in the potential competitors in the absence of The land of defeat.


New research and development of some of the technical performance of hose products to meet the harsh environment and high-power dredging ship's special functional requirements, therefore, China's hose products in the world's export ratio is also increasing.

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