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Dredging industry history and trend of development

Dredging industry is a relatively unfamiliar industry, the market is relatively small. Dredging refers to the dredging project, the main purpose is: excavation port, into the channel, etc., to fill the land to build land to build the terminal, port and port industrial area, coastal urban land and recreation land, beach conservation, water conservancy and flood control And reservoir dredging, rivers and lakes and other water environment improvement and ecological restoration and all kinds of underwater pipeline ditch construction and landfill. Dredging works on human social progress, environmental improvement and economic development is very important. 


  • The Netherlands is the world's first and most developed country in the dredging industry, and its dredging machinery (mainly dredgers) and dredging lines are world-class. With the continuous development of China's economy, the coastal cofferdam and port, inland lake and other dredging projects are also expanding, followed by China's dredging industry has grown.

  • Float always have to drift in the water, when the water rises, the float also followed the rise. Drift up to drive the connecting rod also rose. Connecting rod and the other end of the valve connected, when rising to a certain position, the rod support rubber piston pad, closed water. When the water level drops, the float also drops, and the connecting rod drives the piston pad open.

  • Shandong Yaxiang Rubber&Plastic Co., Ltd is founded in 1992, which is a reputable enterprise dredging pipeline project. It is the member of China Water  Conservancy Dredging Association and China Chamber of Commerce. Our manufacturing enterprises have advanced design team and many professional staff.

  • Our company could manufacture dredging suction & discharge rubber pipes with maximal caliber 1100mm, minimal caliber 75mm, and various models of special floats used with dredging pipes. 

  • The rubber pipe production lines introduced advanced technology imported from Italy, the float production lines imported the core technology of USA, and all of them are the most advanced production machines in China. The products are mainly used in the dredging transportation pipe projects in sea, river, lake, etc. 

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