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Sand Suction Rubber Hose in many sizes

Sand Suction Rubber Hose in many sizes

This product can be used in dredging project and assort with the pipe line, it is mainly applicable for floating hose above water, sinking hose below water, and the connecting hose which connect the continental shelf, cofferdam and wave-resistant hose. The shape of the hose is corrugated.

Product Details

The draining rubber hose shall be no abnormal change such as leakage or partial bulging when tested under stable pressure of 1.5 times higher than rated working pressure.

If the buyer has specific requirements on working pressure of draining rubber hose, we can design as per the buyer’s designation, the explosive pressure shall not be 3 times lower than rated working pressure.

When executing the deforming test to draining rubber hose, the variance on length and outer diameter shall not go beyond the data as listed form.


Vacuum Properties:

When the vacuum degree reaches 80KPa, the suctioning rubber hose shall not be suctioned flattened, layer dismantled or other abnormal cases.


Adhesive Properties:

The affinity shall be at least 1.5KN/m between different strata or layers of the draining and suctioning rubber hose.

The length tolerance of rubber hose shall be ±2% of overall length of rubber hose.


When the rubber hose is tested under 1.5 times of the specified operating pressure, there should be no abnormal situations like leakage or partly gas bubbling.

When the deformation test of rubber hose is taken, its length and outer diameter change rate should meet the standard specifications.




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