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High Pressure Dredging Suction Hose With Lining

High Pressure Dredging Suction Hose With Lining

Long lifespan, more than 50 years under normal condition. Good corrosion resistance. Good crack growth resistance.

Product Details

Product details

High pressure dredging suction hose with lining 


Used for port, dock, seawater, silt, sand ,discharge flood etc.


a. Transport powder and coal ash in thermal power plant.
b. Transport mine tailings and slurry, metallurgical mines in the mining industry.
c. Transport pulverized coal and coal-water slurry of coal preparation plant in the coal industry.
d. Transport mud and corrosive media with slag in the chemical industry.
e. Transport crud oil, petroleum.
f. Transport sand\mud\slurry for dredger in dredging projects or sand suction projects.


Advantages of Rubber Hose
a. Long lifespan, more than 50 years under normal condition.
b. Good corrosion resistance.
c. Good crack growth resistance.
d. Little coefficient of friction and low flow resistance.
e. Excellent wear resistance, its wear resistance is 4 times higher than steel pipes under normal conditions.
f. Good solder ability, its interface strength is higher than the pipe body.
g. Good flexibility and anti-scratch ability.
h. Very high impact resistance.
i. The unique resistance to low temperature, workable at temperature - 40-60 ° c.
j. Light weight, 1/8 weight of steel pipe, easy for transportation and installation.
k. Flexible metal flange for connection, easy for installation and disassemble.
l. Smooth inner wall, easy for pipeline transportation.

 High pressure dredging suction hose with lining



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High pressure dredging suction hose with lining


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