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The Flanged Channel Dredge Pipe The Rubber Dredge Pipe Dredge Line From China

The Flanged Channel Dredge Pipe The Rubber Dredge Pipe Dredge Line From China

The flanged rubber dredge hose is a kind of conveying medium used for dredging and dredging.Used for dredging mud, cleaning mud, seawater.The flanged rubber pipe from china is very convenient to install because of the flange. Ensure quality within five years.The company's products sell well all over the world, hope new and old customers come to negotiate.

Product Details

The flanged channel dredge pipe and the rubber dredge pipe/dredge line - rubber hose suppliers from China

1.Product Introduction of the flanged rubber dredge hose

The flanged rubber dredge hose are used with Dredgers for sand conveyance. Installed in between the pump and cutter of the dredger, and sucking the sand with minus pressure.These hoses are made of extruded good materials through extrusion process, which can ensure that the two ends are not deformed during long term installation and disassembly.The two ends are equipped with movable metal flanges, the whole finished product is not welded, the pipe and pipe are bolted through the movable flange, and the flange has rubber pad. Thickness of the pipe wall is from 30mm to 60mm. The suitable working temperature is from -30℃ to 50℃. It is convenient to install, flexible to use, safe, abrasion-resistant and bending-resistant.When the rubber hose is tested under 1.5 times of the specified operating pressure, there should be no abnormal situations like leakage or partly gas bubbling.

When the deformation test of rubber hose is taken, its length and outer diameter change rate should meet the standard specifications.  


2.Product Parameter(Specification) of the flanged Channel dredge pipe


3.Product features and application of the rubber dredge pipe from china

The flanged Channel dredge pipe, can be used in dredging project and assort with the pipe line, it is mainly applicable for floating hose above water, sinking hose below water, and the connecting hose which connect the continental shelf, cofferdam and wave-resistant hose. The shape of the flanged Channel dredge pipe is corrugated.

Its features are as follows:

    1) Inner rubber of high quality and excellent abrasion-resistance;

    2) Favorable bending resistance;

    3) The maximum working angle can reach 90 degree, keeping inner wall smooth all through;

    4) Working under the bending situation for a long time;

    5) Favorable stiffness, the function of automatic recovery to the angle of equilibrium;

    6) Outer protect rubber of excellent abrasion resistance which can adapt to harsh construction environment;

    7) With the flange, the connection is convenient.

4.Product Structure of dredge line from china

Diagram of the structure of the dredge line from china


5.Deliver,Shipping And Serving of the flanged  rubber pipe from china

Package: Plastic film or as required.

Payment: T/T 100% in advance before shipment.

Shipment: Qingdao Port or specified by customers.

Service:the flanged  rubber pipe from china is guaranteed for five years, omni-directional service, let you be carefree.


1) Who is Shandong Binzhou Yellow River Rubber Hose Factory?

Shandong Binzhou Yellow River Rubber Hose Factory is a reliable manufacturer and exporter of rubber hose, PE float and PE hose in China for more than 25 years in the market.

2) How Can I get to Shandong Binzhou Yellow River Rubber Hose Factory?

Shandong Binzhou Yellow River Rubber Hose Factory is in Shandong, you can fly to Qingdao airport or by bullet train to Qingdao railway station, then we will pick you up.

3) What is the delivery time for one 20ft container?

Usually it is 15 days after receipt of deposit.

4) What is your price term?

The price is base on FOB, CFR or CIF.

7. Latest News

With the development of global dredging industry, the demand for dredging pipelines and the supporting rubber pipes of the ship has also been continuously improved, which includes both the increase of quantity and the improvement of quality.In terms of the demand for dredged rubber pipes, the global demand is about 1 billion yuan per year, and it is growing in a fluctuating way, with an average annual increment of about 5%.

At present, our factory in the dredging pipe products research and development and manufacturing levels have made substantial progress, production has entered a half automation level, product technology and quality to meet the demand of advanced large dredger dredging.Some new research and development production of rubber products technical performance meet the bad environment and the special function demand of large power sand dredger, therefore, our dredging hose products exports are growing in the world.

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Should you are looking for The Flanged Channel Dredge Pipe The Rubber Dredge Pipe Dredge Line From China, Yaxiang is here waiting for your contact. We are one of the excellent rubber & plastic products manufacturers and suppliers in China. You can rest assured to wholesale quality bulk products made in China from our factory.
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