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MDPE Pipe Floats For Dredging High Quality With Wear Resistance 5 Years Warranty

MDPE Pipe Floats For Dredging High Quality With Wear Resistance 5 Years Warranty

We supply polyethylene float which customers can customize different size. We devoted ourselves to produce more high-quality floating body following the development of the times. Our customers are all over the coastal countries,we’re expecting become your long-term partner in China.

Product Details

MDPE Pipe Floats for Dredging High Quality With Wear Resistance 5 Years Warranty

1.Product Introduction of the MDPE Pipe Floats for Dredging

Polyethylene floaters’ shell is made of middle density polyethylene with excellent toughness. The inner part is filled with high-strength polyurethane. It has reasonable structure and excellent performance.

Two pieces as a couple form a circle (bolts and pads are mated).

2.Product Parameter(Specification)of the MDPE Pipe Floats for Dredging

Technology Properties of Dredging Pipe Floater/Pipe Collar/Pipe Floats


Technical index of the floating body


Inside technical index

Tensile strength


Water absorption


Break elongation


Breaking strength


Impact Strength


Breaking Elongation


Bending strength


Compressive strength


Shell Density


Filler Density


Oxidative Induction Time 200C mm≥


Weather resistance after total energy ≥3.5GJ/m2

3.Product features and application of the MDPE Pipe Floats for Dredging

1.    Excellent toughness, perfect impact resistant performance, especially suitable for offshore construction.

2.    Light-weight, convenient for assembling and carrying, lower transportation cost.

3.    Corrosion resistance, anti-aging, long working life.

4.    Used in dredging project on the sea, lake, etc. Good toughness and impact resistance, corrosion preventive applicable for the construction in various environments.

4.Product Details of the MDPE Pipe Floats for Dredging


5.Product Qualification of the MDPE Pipe Floats for Dredging

Shandong Yaxiang  has a complete production process.The following pictures will show you our company's production equipment, production processes plant , inside and outside of the company ‘s scene.

6.Deliver,Shipping And Serving of the MDPE Pipe Floats for Dredging

We provide a comprehensive after-sales service, solution to any problems arising after sale. We are committed to set customers’ mind at best.


A: Yes , may I help you ?

B: We had a damaged shipment from you .

A: We'll look into it right away for you .

A: How bad was the damage .

B: One packing case was crushed3 .

A: Was all the material in that case destroyed ?

B: We don't think we can use any of it at all .

A: Did you note the damage on the bill of lading ?

B: Yes ,of course .

A: We'll start a claim with the shipping4 company .

B: We'll wait and see what they say .

8. Company Profile

Shandong Yaxiang Rubber&Plastic Co., Ltd is founded in 1992, which is a reputable enterprise dredging pipeline project. It is the member of China Water Conservancy Dredging Association and China Chamber of Commerce. Our manufacturing enterprises have advanced design team and many professional staff.

Our company could manufacture dredging suction & discharge rubber pipes with maximal caliber 1100mm, minimal caliber 75mm, and various models of special floats used with dredging pipes. 

The rubber pipe production lines introduced advanced technology imported from Italy, the float production lines imported the core technology of USA, and all of them are the most advanced production machines in China. The products are mainly used in the dredging transportation pipe projects in sea, river, lake, etc. 

We can make the products according to the specification & size requirement of customers. Yaxiang products are widely used in China, and have exported to many countries, such as Korea, Nigeria, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Venezuela, UK, etc. 


Should you are looking for MDPE Pipe Floats For Dredging High Quality With Wear Resistance 5 Years Warranty, Yaxiang is here waiting for your contact. We are one of the excellent rubber & plastic products manufacturers and suppliers in China. You can rest assured to wholesale quality bulk products made in China from our factory.
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