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Armored Hose, Self Floating Pipe, Flanged Tube, Provide Dredged Rubber Hose Customization

Armored Hose, Self Floating Pipe, Flanged Tube, Provide Dredged Rubber Hose Customization

It works on the surface of the water, not relying on other floats and fans, armor, with its own flanges.It has low center of gravity, good stability, corrosion resistance, collision resistance, bending resistance, suitable for working in high wave and narrow waters.We can provide rubber hose of various specifications, also can provide the rubber hose custom service, provides the dredging tube custom service.If you are looking for flanged self-floating armored rubber piping, we are waiting for your contact here.

Product Details

Armored hose, self floating pipe, flanged tube, Provide dredged rubber hose customization

1. Product introduction of the armored rubber hose

Our company's self floating pipe is composed of layers of rubber and metal and non-metal reinforcing layers.The inner layer is the innermost layer, and the high quality high resistance rubber is processed by special process.The skeleton layer is made of high quality stainless steel to make a specific internal structure, flexible, and protect the hose under pressure.The reinforced layer is composed of special steel cord and high strength cord fabric, and the fluid static pressure during work.The insulation layer is composed of insulation materials.The outer protective layer is designed according to the insulation layer and the material is made of stainless steel wire or other high molecular non-metallic materials.The self - float hose can be designed and customized according to customer's demand.


2.Product parameter(specification) of the self floating pipe

inner diamete (rmm)500-1100
length (m)0-10
pressure of work (Mpa)1.2-2.5

3. Product feature and application of the flanged rubber tube


The armored rubber hose has anti-wind and corrosion resistant and good self-float performance, high pressure, long life, easy to assemble and so on.

The flanged rubber tube is mainly used for dredging pipelines such as oceans and rivers.

4.Product qualification of the provide dredged pipe manufacturer


Our company has many years of experience in the field of pipeline buoyancy, and has been providing high quality float products to customers all over the world since 1992.

In order to be evergreen, we work hard in everything we do is outstanding, including: use the best quality materials and adopts the most advanced manufacturing technology, strict quality control, and recruit the best people to complete all the process.We have obtained international quality certification such as CE, ISO9001, etc. Our efforts and strength have been internationally recognized.There is no change in our pursuit of perfection.

5. Deliver,shipping and serving of the provide rubber pipe manufacturer


Package: Plastic film or as required.

Payment: T/T ,The deposit or down payment should be negotiated

Shipment: Qingdao Port or specified by customers.

Service: five years product quality guarantee, omni-directional service, let you be carefree.

6. FAQ

1) Professional :

We have rich experience in producing dredging rubber/PE/steel hoses and dredging floaters with various standards for many years, as well as Creditworthy manufacture in China. 

2) Best Price:

The cheap labor cost and convenient transportation enable us to offer most favorable price while providing the highest quality product to our customers.

3) Golden Service:

Engaged in exporting for many years, we have been providing the perfect solutions for any feedback from our customer.

4) Integrity

This is the foundation of our principle, you will definitely satisfied if you cooperate with us.

7. Latest news

In order to meet the needs of domestic and foreign market, our company now provide  dredged pipe customization, provide hose customization、provide rubber pipe customization service.We continue to innovate and service innovation, hoping to provide customers with the best products and the most considerate service.

Should you are looking for armored hose, self floating pipe, flanged tube, provide dredged rubber hose customization, Yaxiang is here waiting for your contact. We are one of the excellent rubber & plastic products manufacturers and suppliers in China. You can rest assured to wholesale quality bulk products made in China from our factory.
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